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Their devices can fill multiple market niches with a sales potential of over $16 billion dollars by using micro and nanotechnology to develop silicone based microfluidic devices. […]

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Revolutionizing earthquake engineering by bringing real sensing data to structural engineering practices. They have generated more than 500K in revenue […]

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A personal style expression of customizable designs for caps, hats, and snapbacks. The founders have bootstrapped to the first $1M […]

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Solving capacity planning and management issues by using a single tool for activities, managing time and workload, and performance analysis. was selected to be part of the G20 Entrepreneurs, a $100 million budget for 100 projects. […]

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Shaping the agricultural industry through a drone application system that evaluates the status of crops, making it more efficient for clients to fix any problems.

Allowing agri-businesses to efficiently manage the vast amount of data in their daily operations through an online platform.

Clinical decision aid system using machine learning to enhance treatment efficacy in psychiatry.

Bringing cell culture to the 21st century by using micro and nanotechnology to develop silicone based microfluidic devices.

Solving capacity planning and management issues by using a single tool for activities, managing time and workload, and performance analysis.

Optimizing the quality of life for aging individuals by providing necessary care giving services.

Offering an enterprise-grade codeless automated testing solution that releases bug-free features faster, doubling the productivity of development teams.

Helping improve the life of respiratory challenged people through an open source research program and developing online games

Predicting the risk of microbiological contamination and water quality through artificial intelligence.

Working with students and graduates to have a positive social impact through projects, employment or entrepreneurship.

Making it easier for teachers to help their students keep track of homework and upcoming tests through the platform.

Providing straightforward recommendation plans built from heterogeneous data sources and a decentralized autonomous mapping low cost drones

Connecting dog lovers and owners to free up their time through on demand promenades.

Enabling scientists to make meaningful changes to genomes by developing a bench top machine.

Helping students understand real-life applications through an educational system based on connecting them to the economy through industrial field trips and activities linked to the curriculum.

Speeding the transfer knowledge between researchers and clinicians by making an accessible platform for clinically relevant evidence-based information.

Real-time personalized training at your fingertips. Provides training tools for rock climbing training.

Deploying blockchain technology to provide simpler and safer ways for organizations and individuals to manage and verify identity

Providing students all over the world with real-time, available turors that have the shown proficiency in the same subject using a chatbot system based on artificial intelligence.

Providing tightly integrated, state of the art Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) and Collaboration solutions to customers across multiple industries.

Providing essential resources to remote community organizations that have no access to professional skills training or data management capacity.

The solution to investing on the stock- market an app that allow anyone to invest according their way.

Producing natural molecules, derivatives and new targets using a fast and scalable platform based on engineered microbes.

Providing innovative solutions that positively impact health by developing products that utilize biomaterials in different health-related applications and offering consultant services.

Building a fully automated system with real-time responsive diagnosis and efficiency for patients, physicians and clinics.

Revolutionizing pedestrian mobility with cutting edge wireless technology to create more inclusive communities.

Bringing experts together from all domains in a creative collaboration environment to find the place where their areas of expertise intersect with others.

Educating borrowers about their lending options by saving time on loan applications through their platform.

Motivating more people to run together by helping runners find their next races according to their profile.

A seamless, plug and play platform for booking and renting short-term retail ready rooms.

Providing tools to accelerate research and development of advanced materials using deep learning techniques

Making meditation accessible to children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to help them grow into happy and altruist adults.

An AI-powered chatbot designed to provide an “ear” that help those in need cope with anxiety, and connect them to the appropriate solution.

Allowing to pronounce a person's name in their own native language through web platform.

Giving honey bees a voice through conversational interface technology, which helps beekeepers apply the right care at the right time, in order to raise healthy apiaries.

Building a strong global neurotechnology community by providing key resources and learning opportunities.

Allowing craft breweries to start selling online and manage their inventory, while saving them hundreds of hours.

Connecting event staff with experiential marketing agencies in corporate event booking segment through a platform powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Empowering individuals to create engaging proposals in minutes and provide a consistent sales experience.

Revolutionizing the used bicycle industry by transforming second-hand bikes into customized certified pre-owned bicycles at affordable rates.

Giving an alternative way for consumers to purchase food products by saving imperfect produce and reducing food waste.

Revolutionizing earthquake engineering by bringing real sensing data to structural engineering practices.

Developing the next generation of rapid point of care devices with a broad range of applications.

Connecting people with unused space with people who need affordable storage or parking.

Facilitating and tracking volunteering experiences through a web platform.

Leading workshops dedicated to smart systems and sensors and their applications in the monitoring of infrastructures, water resources, and public health.

A mobile application that offers dynamic pricing technology, which allows restaurants to adjust their prices on slow times to maximize their profitability.

Interconnecting different actors in the sport community to facilitate their activities.

Allowing for quick and safe money transfer to multiple destinations in Central and West Africa through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Specializing in designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality and most innovative Freestyle Scooter parts, accessories, apparel, and more

A mobile friendly website that uses peer to peer mentorship to jumpstart the refugee integration process prior to arrival to Canada.

Developing a machine learning system that can take infant cry as input, analyse the amplitude and frequency patterns in the cry, to provide instant diagnosis of birth asphyxia.

Providing hardware, software and services to companies looking to make VR experiences without any technical knowledge.

Specialzing in the development of applications for the environmental sector by expanding environmental companies' expertise with the cognitive technology.

Delivering consumers products of their needs and wants from local couriers through a chat-based platform.


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Focusing on social solutions for water challenges by raising awareness and promoting participatory management, developing technologies and systems.

Helping customers and vehicle brands stay connected by harmonizing the customer experience through telematics and crafting new technologies.

Ambo Technology is a financial technology company which develops and markets proprietary software products that apply artificial intelligence to manage and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Facilitating a seamless customer experience for the travel and hospitality leaders.

Providing human genetic testing solutions to business partners and personal genetics service directly to consumers through authorized retailers.

A cable-free emergency smartphone battery with built-in USB tip to charge it and micro-USB.

Providing a lifestyle brand for the urban cannabis counterculture with smell proof detachable pouches allowing medicinal and recreational users to safely and securely carry their medicine.

Providing complete support through artificial intelligence to immigrants to ease the immigration process.

Integrating a white cane with advanced electronics which will help the blind and visually impaired people to commute.

A personal style expression of customizable designs for caps, hats, and snapbacks.

Allowing local businesses to take advantage of the digital out-of-home advertising market

A pedal-powered urban agriculture initiative using backyards and underused green spaces of our neighborhood to increase access to fresh, naturally grown produce.

Offering a healthy selection of premium post-workout fitness nutrition capsules delivered straight to your door.

Leveraging the already-widely deployed smart metering infrastructure and overlays a data layer over it to incentivize users to save energy and consequently generate financial savings.

Flipping philanthropy on its head with an app that lets people get money from businesses to donate to a charity of their choice.

A wearable compression suit that helps athletes and sports enthusiasts improve their skills through full body motion tracking.

Helping the community materialize ideas by providing easy access to tools, training, wide selection of equipment, a creative community, and expertise.

Offering mobile and tablet software applications to SMEs and to make them aware of the cost and added value generated by their products and services and to help them increase profits of the company.

Helping plant and operations managers improve manufacturing operations.

Matching users with financial advisors that bit their best needs allowing them to obtain different opinions and select the best suitable advisor.

Solving the issue of choosing outfits by sending subscribers a unique box containing two pairs of trendy, high-quality tights.

Introducing innovative convenient shopping experiences by customizing outerwear and meeting customers at their locations.

An iOS application designed for audio and music users to take descriptive notes of audio content while simultaneously listening to the audio track.

Creating curated accessory kits matched to the style of customers exclusively online and for men.

Connecting shippers and professional, verified carriers across North America through a transport technology.

Sayfespace is a social network for CEGEP and university students to talk about mental health issues in a peer-to-peer, real-time and anonymous chat

Allows experts to get booked and paid for online and offline appointments

Providing a software as a service solution for small and medium sized companies who need help with their social media content creation process.

Broadcasting and supporting the local music scenes around the world through a web app.

Developing a platform for users to search places for accommodation around events and venues

Simplifying and saving people time with intuitive and carefully designed digital tools for creatives.

Making healthy eating fun, delicious, simple and enjoyable through wholegrain products.