Graduate Certificate of Innovation – District 3 Innovation Center

Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Technology and Society

This 15-credit program is open to students from any academic discipline and for practicing professionals interested in learning innovation best practices.

Learn the Theoretical Frameworks

Develop your knowledge of innovation best practices and work in cross-disciplinary teams.

  • ENCS 6041 Creativity, Innovation, and Critical Thinking

    Understand explanations of innovative and creative thinking; approaches to problem solving, psychology of invention; diffusion of innovation; leadership through critical thinking; design creativity; modern and historical examples of innovation; and cognitive approaches to scientific and technological thinking.

  • ENCS 6042 Communication Techniques for the Innovation Process

    You’ll learn theories of client-centred design. Topics and skills covered include qualitative data collection, customer development communication, and user interview techniques. Students will have hands-on experience in customer validation, audience appropriate message creation, and advanced presentation techniques for the innovation process.

  • ENCS 6043 Seminar in Innovation Processes

    The seminar integrates theoretical concepts in innovation and communication processes in preparation for projects in the certificate practicum.​ Students are given the opportunity to meet various stakeholders from Montreal's innovation ecosystem including start-ups, incubators, and corporations focusing on innovative projects.

  • + Hands-On Training

    Cultivate innovative processes by getting equipped with the right tools and techniques applied through product development.

  • + Collaborative Curriculum

    Combine aspects of theoretical and experiential learning through team building, storytelling, idea exploration, experimentation and product development.

  • + Work Experience

    Apply theoretical knowledge to solve a real company challenge and gain tangible work experience.

The District 3 Practicum

  • + Network Connections

    Grow your network with a wide range of fellow peers, industry leaders, researchers, and experts.

  • + Multidisciplinary Approach

    Expand your knowledge across disciplines by working in a diverse team to tackle a complex set of challenges.

  • + Guidance and Support

    Get guidance and support from experienced instructors throughout product development with workshops and constant feedback.

Develop a Career in:

  • Product Development

  • Product & Project Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation Management

Learn Innovation Best Practices


What are the admission requirements?

The deadline to apply is July 1st 2018. Applicants to the Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Technology and Society must hold a bachelor's degree in any academic discipline, with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.

What do I need to provide as part of the application process?

You must fill out the application form and pay a fee of 100$. In your application, you must include your CV, Three Letters of Reference OR Three Academic Assessment forms, statement of purpose (500 words), transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended, Proof of Canadian citizenship (if applicable), applicants whose primary language is not English, are required to submit official language test scores, unless exempted.

What do I need to include in my statement of purpose?

You need to include your: 1) motivations: what life experiences have informed your choice to pursue this certificate? Have you worked in the area of social innovation? 2) Expectations - What do you expect to learn through the certificate? What experiences do you want to have? What knowledge, skills and understandings to you wish to acquire and develop? 3) Future Plans - How do you anticipate using the knowledge you gain in this certificate? Will you begin a new career; continue in your current career? 4) Your Current Skills and Passions - What do you bring to work within your innovation team? In what area do you want to achieve impact? What projects do you wish to pursue?

Who can I contact if I require additional information?

You can contact assistant professor and program director Layial El-Hadi by phone at 514-848-2424 ext. 5447 or by email at [email protected]