Design Lab – District 3 Innovation Center

Design Lab

A place where creativity stretches beyond its meaning by combining creative thinking with the right tools to solve problems.

What We Offer

Learn the value of asking questions, seek alternative perspectives, and uncover your creative skills.

  • Design-Based Methods

    Learn how to conduct effective research and accelerate your product iteration cycle with proven design sprints and techniques.

  • Tools for Prototyping

    Understand the importance of asking questions, testing out your products, and seeking perspective of potential users.

  • Creative Skills

    Experiment and bring your ideas to life by using design methods, tools and equipment.

What Our Startups Have to Say

The Trynyty

“The product design workshops allowed us to better use the 3D modelling tools at our disposal, and increased our efficiency. Beyond that, we made friends with fellow entrepreneurs, which developed our network, while making the day-to-day experience more enjoyable.”
Lloyd Bureau

CEO and Co-founder of The Trynyty


“Working at the Design Lab has been a very positive experience. We have access to all the necessary tools to build our prototypes and fix our drones. The staff is always ready to help on every project.” -
Andres Tocasuche

Operations Manager and Cofounder of ADAS

VR Tracker

“The designers at District 3 provided us with invaluable feedback. Before anything else, they are the first people we turn to. They are great at bringing out different perspectives and making us look at our products in a new light.”
Jules Thuillier

CEO of VR Tracker

Meet the Design Lab Team

Charlie Gedeon

Design Strategist

Diana Horqque

Design Instructor

Build Your Project and Unlock Your Creative Potential


Can I visit the lab?

You can join us for a tour every Friday from 3-3:30 PM to learn more about District 3 and the Design Lab. Sign up for a tour here.

Who can use the design lab?

The Design Lab is open to all District 3 startups who are part of the Launch or Grow program, as well as community members working on a specific project. You can get help from our technicians on Tuesday 9AM-12PM, Wednesday 12PM-5PM, and Thursday 10AM-2PM.

What kind of tools do you have in the design lab?

We have 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering irons, handtools, portable power tools, safety tools, and much more.

Are workshops open to the public?

Our design workshops are open to anyone in the community interested in learning about design and curious to discover related topics.

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