About Us – District 3 Innovation Center

About District 3

We’re Building the Next Generation of Innovators

At the heart of a next-generation university, Concordia's District 3 is a strong and diverse innovation hub in Montreal. We bring together key players from corporations, government, research, and academia to ensure every innovator and entrepreneur has access to the resources they need to move from idea to impact with confidence.

Our Manifesto

We are experiencing the beginnings of the 4th industrial revolution

Emerging technologies are radically changing our society and the way we live, work, and relate to one another at an unprecedented rate. In its scale and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. As a result, we need to develop new ways of adapting to these significant changes.

At District 3, we hold a fundamental conviction in embracing emerging technologies

We are rational optimists with a vision of creating a multidisciplinary innovation hub—bringing together entrepreneurs and key players from industry, government, research, and academia—to build a prosperous future. As part of Concordia University, we equip innovators and the Montreal community with the skills and mindset to succeed in an incredibly complex environment.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration

These values are ingrained in District 3’s DNA. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve supported, inspired and challenged many entrepreneurs and innovators to move from idea to impact with confidence.

Our Values

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation

  • Collaboration

Our Impact

  • 485

    Startups Coached

  • 300+

    Events & Workshops

  • 8,100

    Community Members

Meet the Team

Xavier-Henri Hervé

Executive Director

Jane Somerville

Program Director

Anna Ehrhardt

Director of Administration & Operations

Edna Chosack

Senior Coach

Rosilda D'Arienzo

Office Manager

Khalil Haddad

Marketing & Communications Manager

Gisleine Silveira

Head of International Partnerships

Charlie Gedeon

Design Strategist

Mahzad Sharifahmadian

Biolab Manager & Life Sciences Fellow

Sydney Swaine-Simon

AI Fellow

Julie Hamel

Social Innovation Fellow & Coach

Layial El Hadi

Graduate Certificate of Innovation Program Director

Rana Abbasi

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Diana Horqque

Design Instructor

Lindsey Carter

Residency Coordinator

Kelly McManus

Startup Coordinator

Community Achievements

This can only have been achieved thanks to the dedication of those that supported us along the journey.

Startup Canada Entrepreneur Promotion Award (2017)

Startup Canada Entrepreneur Support Award (2016)

International Partnership Network Thematic Winner for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills (2014)