Launch – District 3 Innovation Center

Launch Your Startup

Bring your idea to market.

12-24 Week Journey

Follow a proven roadmap, so you can focus your energy and resources on what matters.

  • Discover

    Understand the problem you're trying to solve, identify your customers’ pain points, and develop your business model.

  • Validate

    Validate your idea and assumptions by talking to over a hundred potential customers and stakeholders.

  • Prototype

    Build a scalable and testable first product to launch your business to market and get your first sales.

  • + Coaching

    Get paired with an experienced coach to help guide you and reach your targets.

  • + Foundational Workshops

    Participate in specialized workshops to learn frameworks and expand your skills.

  • + Workspace

    Get access to a working area with an amazing view in the heart of downtown Montreal.

  • + Network

    Build life-long relationships and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and innovators.

  • + Branding & PR

    Hone your pitch in the most persuasive way to reach your targeted audience.

Get everything you need, all in one place.

  • + Talent

    Build your team and post your opportunities to our talent pool that's eager to get involved.

  • + Labs

    Get access to our Design Lab and Bio Lab to develop and test your prototypes and experiments.

  • + Design Methodologies

    Learn tools and design methods to solve problems creatively.

  • + Pitch Training

    Hone your pitch and integrate your business model in the most persuasive way to reach your audiences.

  • + Service Providers

    Get introduced to lawyers, accountants and financial services.

32K in services and resources

The best part? Your intellectual property remains your own, and we don’t take equity or charge any fees.

Meet Your Coaches

Seasoned entrepreneurs you can count on to challenge you, hold you accountable, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Albert Carbone

Founded Stelvio Inc. in 1990, a Montreal-based software house specializing in claims systems for the insurance industry.

Sebastian Aristizabal

Cofounded E-panneur, an online grocery store platform, and provides specialized coaching in lead generation and sales.

Ondine Hogeboom

Founded over six successful organizations in social innovation, specializes in coaching, mentorship and development of social enterprises.

386 Startups Launched & Growing


“District 3 gives us the opportunity to learn best practices, experiment and grow alongside key stakeholders in our industry, which allows us to build a product that is fine tuned to our clients' needs.”
Olivier Brochu Dufour,
CEO/CTO of Ephemeris


“District 3 pushed us to release our product faster, challenged us on our strategy and, overall, made us better entrepreneurs. The workshops were designed to address issues that were important to us RIGHT NOW, as opposed to issues we might encounter at some point in the future. That's important, because time is a very scarce resource for an early-stage startup.”
Julien Brault,
Cofounder of Hardbacon


“Within 4 months into the program we started selling our products to many top players in the North-American Action Sport Retail Market. I can safely say we would be nowhere close to where we are today if it wasn't for D3, and we are thrilled to be continuing this adventure with their help."
Lloyd Bureau,
CEO and Co-founder Trynyty

You'll meet entrepreneurs spanning from all industries and technologies, including:

  • AI

  • Life Sciences

  • Social Innovation

  • AR/VR

  • Fintech

  • Robotics

  • Blockchain

  • Space

Are you ready to start your journey?

Here’s how you can stand out.

  • A Strong Team

    You are a team of at least two co-founders who are passionate about the problem you are solving, with complementary skills, and the ability to execute.

  • A Viable Problem

    You are addressing a viable problem in the market and have a preliminary solution that is meeting an unmet need or addressing an existing need more effectively.

  • Time Commitment

    We require each co-founder to work a minimum of 25 hours a week.

Launch Your Startup


How do I apply?

We have one application from both the launch and grow tracks. Depending on your answers, you will be directed to the right track.

I’m a single founder, can I still apply?

While we don’t discount applications just because they have a single founder, it does make things more difficult. We strongly advise you to seek a co-founder who compliments your skillsets.

Do I need to be part of Concordia University to get access to District 3’s services?

No, our services are open to all who are looking to launch and grow their startups.

Does District 3 charge fees, take equity or claim intellectual property?

No, your intellectual property remains your own, and we don’t take equity or charge any fees.

Once accepted, how long can I expect my launch journey to last?

You can expect your launch journey to last between 12-24 weeks, depending on your progress.