Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Technology and Society

This 15-credit program is open to students from any academic discipline and for practicing professionals interested in learning innovation best practices.

The Theoretical Core

You will develop your knowledge of innovation best practices, as well as work in cross-disciplinary teams.

The District 3 Practicum

  • Coaching

    Get paired with an experienced coach to help guide you and reach your targets.

  • Foundational Workshops

    Participate in specialized workshops to learn frameworks and expand your skills.

  • Network

    Build life-long relationships and learn from fellow students, industry experts, and entrepreneurs.

  • Pitch Training

    Hone your pitch in the most persuasive way to reach your targeted audiences.

  • Prototype

    Build a scalable and testable prototype to launch your business to market.

Develop a Career in:

  • Product Development

  • Product & Project Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation Management

Learn Innovation Best Practices