Beeye aligns people and projects through a collaborative & intuitive planning and reporting process so you better reach your goals.

With Beeye, managers know information like which projects are understaffed, which are running behind schedule and which are most profitable. Managers and employees can manage their time, workload, and analyse their performance. Beeye is a SaaS solution that gives organizations the capacity and profitability planning information they need, when they need it. All with a lightweight, low cost, easy to use tool.

Adrien Sicard
Business Development

Adrien holds a Master degree in Project Management and a Master in Engineering specialized in production systems. He is currently Senior Strategic Advisor at Laurentian Bank and in charge of strategic planning and the implementation of IT governance. Certified Lean Six Sigma and PSM (Professional Scrum Master – Agile project management), he had the opportunity to implement portfolio management and capacity management in a main direction at Desjardins and also performed mandates as a project management consultant at Dassault System and Bombardier.

Antoine Lemaitre

Antoine holds a Master degree in Project Management and a Master in Engineering specialized in electric systems. He worked in project management and portfolio management in both the private and public sectors with mandates at Rona and the Ministry of Immigration and cultural communities.

Julie Delisle

Julie holds a Master degree in Project Management, a BA in Communications and is currently PhD candidate in administration, project management profile. She held various project management positions as Advisor, Project Manager/Scrum Master and PCO for diverses organizations as National Bank of Canada, Desjardins, Nurun, ArcelorMittal and Desjardins. She has been the lead for the Community of Practice in Organizational Project Management of the PMI-Montreal for 2 years, she is trainer for the ESG UQAM Professional Development Centre, and is certified PSM (Professional Scrum Master – Agile project management).

Yury Doroshenko

Yury holds a Master in software development and is specialized in .NET development. He had the opportunity to work on the development of major projects, including for Paris Airport, Bell, Palais des Congrès and Heroux-Devtek.

Success Story

We worked with a VP; with 10 line managers, 100 employees and $100 million budget for 100 projects. One might assume with that much money and people, the VP and, more importantly, the line managers, would know at any time during the year if everything they planned was realistic and progressing appropriately. But the real world didn’t work that way.

Half way through the year the VP asks his managers if things were going as planned. He was heartened to hear a chorus of « Everything is fine! »

Two months before year-end an audit was done. Less than half the projects had reached their targets yet the company had spent $70 million! The result: firings, reorganizations, low morale and missed targets.

That was before Beeye; the managers’ advisor. With Beeye, realistic planning based on actual capacity is now the norm. Managers know which projects are the most valuable, how many people they need to succeed and when they will deliver. Managers use data from Beeye to justify their hiring and personnel reassignment decisions and the VP doesn’t have to worry about end of year audits. Now, if a manager says it can get done, it gets done.

In fact, Beeye has proved to be so valuable that the number of divisions using it continues to grow.