Program Date

May – July

Program Length


Application Deadline

April 24

Commercialization Program

Our services are aimed at engineering or life sciences researchers who are developing a product or idea derived from academic research and based on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering innovations. Specific attention is lent to helping researchers focus initiatives on transactions, marketing, and distribution. By offering access to experts, coaches, and mentors, the program will provide you with customized content and guidance based on your current needs and on your stage of development.



The Biolab is a fully equipped level 2 research lab available for teams to work on their projects. The lab is equipped with regular lab equipment, such as analytical balance PH meter, pipettes, electrophoresis equipment, as well as specialized equipment, such as real-time PCR machines and microscopes with digital cameras. Besides the lab equipment, there is access to other specialized equipment in the Concordia Science Pavilion located on the Loyola Campus.


The District 3 Design Lab is a place to test, develop and prototype your ideas into concrete projects that could potentially become a viable business model. The Makerspace is equipped with the basic tools such as wrenches, hammers, soldering machines, basic electronics, as well as more specialized machinery, such as the CNC machine, Laser cutter, and a variety of 3D printers. Open to the community, it is also a place to learn about new technologies, how to use them and think about design decisions through the development of your project.


  • Developing a product, service or idea derived from academic research and based on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering innovations.
  • Please note that ‘apps’ will not be considered for the program. Make sure to consult our entrepreneurship programs if you have a web or mobile app.
  • Having a patented idea or you are in the process of applying for a patent.
  • Completed or are completing a graduate degree that is relevant to your idea, service or product. Please note that undergraduates completing a capstone or research project may be considered for the program.

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“Ananda devices has developed highly specialized products for scientific research. Communicating a coherent and clear message regarding the benefits of our products has been challenging. The coaches have allowed us to hone our value proposition and to create improved marketing and sales material. Without the coaching from District 3,  progress would have been much slower and our message to our customers would have been much less clear.”

Pieter Roos
Pieter Roos

Co-founder of Ananda Devices


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