Create innovative solutions
for established organizations

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Innovation projects are intensive 3 month projects for Concordia undergraduates and graduates.

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    Get hands-on and meaningful work experience

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    Work with industry experts and researchers

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    Be part of a talented multidisciplinary team

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    Get guidance and support from experienced coaches

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    Discover exciting career opportunities

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    Build your portfolio and CV

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    Tinker with emerging technologies

Project Themes
and more!

Access to:

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    Challenging and innovative curriculum

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    Skill development workshops

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    Collaborative working environment

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    Network of over 5,300 community members

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    Top of the line facilities and tools

“We worked 3 months on a fast-paced project filled with ideation, problem-solving and experimentation. I got paired with people from different fields that I had never met before and had to learn how to see from someone else’s point of view, which is extremely valuable when working with a multidisciplinary team. This experience enriched my path as a designer.”

Our primary purpose is to serve as a launchpad for your career.

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