Program Date

January 25 – March 15

Program Length

8 Weeks

Application Deadline

December 19


The Minimum Viable Product Program is an intensive 8-week program that will help you develop the first iteration of your marketable prototype. By the end of the program, you will have developed the first version of your product with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters.

The program workshops and support from one-on-one coaching focuses on building a strong base of knowledge so that teams will be able to navigate the difficult decisions of defining their minimum viable product features. This includes balancing the speed to market, the technical debt that can be acquired in order to move more quickly, and the quality of the product through design thinking.

By the end of the program, you will have made the important technical decisions and created an internal system to collect and systematically analyze customer feedback, and have completed the design process for your minimum viable product. The coaching process will make sure your startup remains on track to meet milestones and optimize your decisions throughout the process.


  • Minimum of 2 co-founders who possess the right profile to solve the problem and develop their idea
  • Completed the Business Model Canvas through District 3
  • Conducted more than 100 in-person customer interviews
  • Have a description of your minimal viable product
  • Have a clear leader in your team developing your minimal viable product
  • Have a sound financial projections assessment that is approved by our finance coordinator. This includes a financial and financing plan, funds that can be reliably raised or have been raised, and that you are financially stable for the next year with no chance of running out of funds.
  • Have a cross-functional team with the skills necessary to build your MVP

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“The MVP is a program where we entered with an unfinished prototype. We learned how to focus our attention on the most important part of our product. Since we are not in tech, the development of an MVP is complex and less iterative, so we had to make sure we understood everything before we launched and that’s exactly what we achieved in this program.”

Gabriel Bouchard
Gabriel Bouchard

Co-Founder of Trench


“Before we started the MVP program, our vision was not clear and we had demand from a vast array of sources, thus making it hard to focus on one particular market. The program really forced us to think long and hard about the core values of our company, and made us think into the future, past, and present. A more defined vision of our service has helped us focus and narrow down our objective and target market. Moreover, the program has also led us to innovate in a manner which no competitor has done so in the past, thus really giving us a distinctive edge over our competitors. The MVP program helped us define clear, attainable objectives and made us narrow down features of the service which were excessive, to really focus on what the most important principles we would like to run our business by. I recommend anybody with a bright product or service to attend the MVP program which will make them re-think their whole business plan to really reach the minimal viable product or service, and avoid common mistakes of a first product gone wrong, as well as help them achieve success through professional coaching by experienced consultants.”

Mathias Berthelemot
Mathias Berthelemot

Co-Founder of Presse3D


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