Build your startup
with District 3

Gain the tools, resources and knowledge
at each stage of your development

We offer free startup programs open to all. We don’t take equity and your intellectual property remains your own.

Join our startup programs

  • 1

    Get one-on-one coaching with seasoned entrepreneurs

  • 2

    Learn proven startup methodologies

  • 3

    Take part in a cohort and benefit from peer to peer learning

  • 4

    Receive guidance to ensure you are investor-ready

  • 5

    Access potential interns, employees and consultants

  • 6

    Participate in events and workshops to develop your skills

Gain access to:

  • 1

    Consultations with lawyers, accountants, and service professionals

  • 2

    Network of over 5,300 community members

  • 3

    Design lab to teach you design thinking and prototyping

  • 4

    Discounted tools and software

Our programs

Customer Discovery

Validate your idea and business model


Create your first marketable prototype and features

Customer Acquisition

Develop your product to satisfy your target market and acquire new customers

Are you a Social Entrepreneur?

Develop a product or service that has a social, environmental and economic impact.

“If you have your idea and you’re looking to bring your product to market, District 3 is a great help.”

“You don’t know what’s going to work until you’ve tested it on people and it’s really good to have that first layer of peers, rather than releasing it directly to the customer.”

$12 M
in combined startup sales and financing
$50 M
in combined startup valuations
Events & Workshops Organized

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