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At Particles Design Lab we give you the tools and design methods to solve problems creatively. Whether it’s brainstorming a new marketing campaign or logo, sketching and prototyping a new product feature, conducting effective user feedback or simply exercising your creative muscles, we are here to help you take your project to the next level.
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Tuesday: 9am-12pm (Francis)
Wednesday: 12pm-5pm (Francis)
Thursday: 10am-2pm (Francis)

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Design Process

The design process is a way to understand a problem and find ways to solve it. It brings the focus around concept development, keeping in mind human needs, not the product itself. It’s about exploring and understanding the complex interactions  between humans, non-humans and the environment. Through practice, you can learn to be better aware and mindful about the impacts of what will be brought into being.

Particles Design Lab will help you develop these steps and apply the methods to make sense of what your audience or customers need, so that you can focus on the features that matter.


Learn to understand your stakeholders and identify potential problems. Creating effective design that resonates with your audience starts with listening!


Brainstorm and bring all your creative solutions to the table. Now is the time to for wild ideas! Think big.


Observe your stakeholders in action to gain insight about them. Get out there and speak with people you want to use your product, and look at how they behave and interact in their daily lives.


Build a representation of one (or multiple) ideas to test your theory. Don’t expect to get it right the first time – but do expect to learn and refine your design quickly.


Create a hypothesis about the user’s pain points. By compiling the findings about your stakeholders, you are about to define the scope of the problem from their point of view


Gather feedback from stakeholders. This is where the rubber meets the road! Learn as much as you can, and use that knowledge to improve your design. Then wash, rinse, and repeat!