Are you a researcher wanting to become an entrepreneur?

The Biolab is looking for new teams.

Where Innovation Takes Place

Expanding into bio-tech, District 3 has officially opened a fully equipped laboratory within Concordia University’s Loyola Campus. The Biolab is a place where support can be given to aspiring teams who want to test and/or prototype their business models relating to the life sciences.


  • Realtime PCR
  • Thermocyclers
  • Microscope with camera
  • Acrylamide gel systems
  • Agrose gel systems
  • Analytical balances
  • PH meter
  • Pipetters
  • Gel imaging system
  • Water bath
  • And more...

Hours & Location

District 3 Bioloab, Loyola Campus
SP-S180 7141 Sherbrooke st. W
Montreal QC H4B 1R6

For more information contact Pieter Roos at

Biolab Policy Document


The Biolab is a fully equipped level 2 research lab available for teams to work on their projects. The lab is equipped with regular lab equipment such as analytical balance PH meter, pipettes, electrophoresis equipment but also with specialized equipment such as real time PCR machines and microscopes with digital cameras. Beside the lab equipment there is access to other specialized equipment in the Concordia Science Pavilion.

A user story

 Ananda Devices is a startup currently using the Biolab. Founder Margaret Magdesian was an associate researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and the McGill University Department of Physics. She decided to become an entrepreneur after she realized that here inventions could help more people if she started a company commercializing them. District 3 has been an integral part of Ananda’s startup journey.