Corporations – District 3 Innovation Center

Accelerate your Business Innovation

Transform the way your team can learn, work, and collaborate.

  • + Identify Business Opportunities from Emerging Technologies

    Discover areas in which your business may be at risk for disruption.

  • + Recruit Talent

    Get access to a continual talent pipeline, where you can observe and evaluate teams in action.

  • + Gain Visibility

    Position yourself as the collaborator of choice in your industry among entrepreneurs and youths.

Solve Real Problems. Seize New Opportunities.

  • + Engage the Startup Ecosystem

    Get in touch with key players in the ecosystem with the potential of sparking new pilot tests, investments and partnerships.

  • + Get Rapid, Cost-Efficient R&D

    Quickly acquire a diverse set of experimentation projects without the typical launch costs of internal R&D initiatives.

  • + Learn Best Practices

    Gain the know-how and skills to develop new products and services, as well as stimulate an internal culture of intrapreneurship and innovation.

Let’s collaborate together to make meaningful progress in your company

  • Mandate Projects

    Answer your critical business questions through ideation, user research, rapid prototyping and testing.

  • Work with Our Startups

    Co-develop innovative products with our startups working on cutting-edge technologies.

  • Get Design Training

    Learn about design methods to work more efficiently and develop new services or products.

  • Mentor

    Provide industry-expertise to entrepreneurs with the potential of sparking new pilot tests, investments and partnerships.

  • Build a District

    Accelerate an innovation specialty in Montreal to position yourself as the collaborator of choice in your industry.

  • Sponsor Initiatives

    Get involved with our major events and competitions to get major brand visibility.

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  • 5,900

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Michael Sanford
Software Developer at Stelvio Inc.

“District 3 allowed us to increase our productivity and the productivity of our users. The innovation that we saw allowed us to open new doors to other opportunities. This is a product we can use within our own system, as well as a separate product.”

Joanna Berzowska
Founder and Director of XS Labs

“It was a really fun, pleasant and fruitful journey. We made so much progress in a way that seemed effortless and seamless. We did it without the aches and pains usually associated with the prototyping process.”

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