District 3: System Engineer and/or Industrial Engineer


About District 3

At the heart of a next-generation university, Concordia’s District 3 is a strong and diverse innovation hub in Montreal. We bring together key players from corporations, government, research, and academia to ensure every innovator and entrepreneur has access to the resources they need to move from idea to impact with confidence.

About the role:

If you’re obsessed with efficiency and systems this will be the right role for you. District 3 is looking for a system engineer to help us map and automate our operations process. The first project will be District 3 operations automation, with potential of assigning future projects.


The main roles and responsibilities will be:

– Develop problem solutions by describing requirements in a work-flowchart and diagram;

– Ensure data collection and management is done efficiently, consistently, confidentially, and is easily accessible to decision makers;

– Monitor and test performance of system for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions, and develop those fixes;

– Identify IT project requirements by involving all stakeholders; analyzing operations; determining project scope; documenting results

– Implement, test and maintain process automation of the customer journey, from the first touch point to onboarding;

– Develop documentation and training to all staff members to use the system efficiently;

– Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information ;

– Maintain security, backup, and redundancy strategies;

– Build partnerships with service provider to benefit District 3 and startup entrepreneurs.


Required experience:

– Software engineering degree, or equivalent experience

– Two years working experience as a full stack developer

Hard skills needed: Javascript, Python, RestAPI.

Soft skills needed: Negotiation, Team player.

To apply please send your CV and portfolio to [email protected] by Monday, October 2nd.