5 Accelerators Highlight the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Montreal

By: Rana Abbasi, Communications Assistant

Tuesday, July 11th was a phenomenal day for entrepreneurs and investors in Montreal, where the top accelerators InnoCité MTLCentechEspace-IncEsplanade, and District 3,  joined forces  to bring together 16 startups to pitch at Montreal Demo Day.

By joining our efforts in the spirit of collaboration, the event aimed at strengthening Montreal as a leading force in the startup ecosystem by creating a platform to bring together investors, governments, clients, and key players in the ecosystem to support our city’s entrepreneurs and maximize their chances of success.


Pitch Training for Success

Getting entrepreneurs investor-ready and prepared to pitch in front of hundreds of attendees is not an easy process. Sean Cullen, District 3’s financial coach, along with the rest of our team, have worked tirelessly with our startups for the past 12 weeks to ensure that they were at their best for Demo Day.

According to Sean, “Our startups are rough precious minerals, they exemplify and demonstrate what we do at District 3, which is to accelerate our entrepreneurs’ hopes and dreams.” 

Preparing the teams for Demo Day was a fun experience as he got to develop a relationship with each of them over the course of the past 12 weeks, yet every entrepreneur requires unique approach to get them to perform at their best.

“It was nerve wracking watching them present! I’m like the hidden co-founder of these teams. You’re putting forward your children and hope that they do well. It’s stressful, and it’s frustrating because you’ve seen their best and worst. But when they’re blooming on stage, it’s something that makes you incredibly proud.” – Sean Cullen, District 3 Financial Coach.



First up at Demo Day was Boozang, a software that offers an enterprise-grade codeless automated testing solution by  releasing bug-free features faster and doubling the productivity of development teams. In other words, a software that tests other software.

“I’ve learned how to present my business in a concise way, and also how to prepare for a big pitch. Presenting at Metropolis where a lot of my favourite bands have performed made it even more exciting.” – Mats Ljunggren, Co-founder of Boozang

Through Boozang, you will be able to turn your browser into a user-friendly but enterprise-grade testing tool that does not require programming.

Watch Boozang’s Pitch here.



Following Boozang, our startup Spinyt took the stage. Spinyt is a mobile application that offers dynamic pricing technology, which allows restaurants to adjust their prices on slow times to maximize their profitability. You can use Spinyt to discover new restaurants around your campus. If you have trouble deciding where to go, you can use the wheel feature to let the app decide for you!

“We firmly believe that neither fixed prices nor fixed discounts should exist in the restaurant industry because neither of them maximize their profits.” – Emile Chouha, Co-founder of Spinyt.

Spinyt solves the problem through an innovative marketing strategy that randomly assigns users to restaurants to fill up their empty seats on their slow times. Enjoy the thrill and diversity with Spinyt!

Watch Spinyt’s Pitch here. 

Mantle Technology


Third startup pitching at Demo Day was Mantle technology. Have you ever been curious about the possibilities that Blockchain can offer you? Mantle Technology offers reliable, scalable, and user friendly blockchain networks. You can pay only for what you use and unlimited tier is available as well.



And last but not least, PivoHubCraft brewers are wasting thousands of hours a year processing orders from speciality beer stores as well as grocery stores. They’re taking hundreds of orders every week by phone, text and email. PivoHub is a B2B e-commerce solution that allows craft breweries to start selling online and manage their inventory, all while saving them hundreds of hours.

“The process of preparing for Demo Day helped us stay focused, it allowed us to get more clarity which gave us an outside perspective on the direction of our business.” – Christopher Gregoire, Co-Founder of PivoHub.

It’s fair to say the day was a success. The accelerators demonstrated the strength of working together to put Montreal’s innovation ecosystem on the world stage.